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Current stable PNP Version

PNP-0.4.14 on SourceForge

Older Versions can be found on SourceForge too.

Latest Devel Version

pnp-latest ( Revision: 665 )
MD5 Checksum 2763ae4cc0e04b3db6e77f336e01657c pnp-latest.tar.gz

This is allways the latest SVN TRUNK Version

Last Update: Fri Aug 5 17:55:01 CEST 2011


Last changed: $Id: ChangeLog 659 2009-09-18 16:43:22Z le_loup $

SVN Current:

  • check_fping template php fix
  • Fix memory leak during scandir
  • Fix problem with negative value in warning and critical range
  • New NPCD init script
  • Fix very ugly typo in npcdmod.c
  • New npcdmod config var: perfdata_spool_filename for multiple nagios usage
  • defining pdf_width and pdf_height in config.php PDFs can have different sizes than graphs

Version 0.4.14 05/02/2009

  • Use Nagios TIMET Macro while creating new RRD Databases.
  • New config option enable_recursive_template_search.
  • Better signal handling in
  • FIX: Optimized check_multi detection.
  • FIX: Popups are now working with IE.
  • RRA config per check_command.

Version 0.4.13: 02/19/2009

  • Overlib 4.21 included
  • Prototype Ajax Framework included
  • Update to 1.8.1
  • FIX: Fixed wrong path to when “install” is not found by ./configure
  • FIX: Function rrd_fetch renamed to rrdtool_fetch to avoid naming conflict
  • Experimental: New npcd Event Broker Module - handle with care
  • Experimental: New special templates stored in templates.special
  • FIX: autoconf detection for getloadavg() - ignore loadthreshold if not available
  • FIX: Host OS Detection for mod_cflags/mod_ldflags

Version 0.4.12: 10/11/2008

  • Remove Call-time pass-by-reference
  • FIX: Fixed wrong check_multi service description
  • FIX: Fixed page config parser
  • New ./configure option –with-perl_lib_path

Version 0.4.11: 09/27/2008

  • New Template share/pnp/templates.dist/check_pnp_rrds.php
  • New Templates for check_oracle_health. Thanks to Gerhard Lausser for this great Plugin!
  • New Plugin
  • Service PDFs displays the current datasource.
  • Fix: pnpsender.c - better calculation of memory consumption
  • Fix: Don't delete needed files on 'make clean'
  • Fix: NPCD Segfaulting on more than 15 threads
  • NPCD: dropped cfg directive 'use_load_threshold', instead any load_threshold above 0.0 will enable load saving
  • NPCD: Added 'identify_npcd' config directive
  • URL get options “start” and “end” can now be specified in strtotime() format.
  • Calendar Icon is now available on pages.
  • Support for multiple datatypes in one RRD Database.
  • File Permissions changed to 755/644 instead of 775/664
  • BUGFIX: parser error on thresholds with negative infinity
  • Update to fpdf-1.6
  • Experimental Support for rrdcached added ( process_perfdata.cfg )

Version 0.4.10: 06/17/2008

  • BUGFIX: Fixed wrong link to avail.cgi used on pages.
  • BUGFIX: Don´t exit when process_perfdata.cfg is missing.
  • Report missing RRDs Perl Modules.
  • Bulk Mode: Reset $dstype to “GAUGE” after each loop.
  • Update: templates.dist/check_ping.php

Version 0.4.9: 05/15/2008

  • BUGFIX: results in timeouts and broken XML files caused by missing RRDs Perl Modules

Version 0.4.8: 05/01/2008

  • New option -c [–config] to specify an alternate config file.
  • French Translation added by Jean-Marie Le Borgne
  • XML Encoding can now be changed by using XML_ENC in process_perfdata.cfg
  • ./configure –datarootdir= fixed by Steffen Waitz.
  • Set SetAutoPageBreak() in doPDF function.
  • New Option background_pdf can be used in page definitions to override the defaults.
  • process_perfdata.cfg: Option RRD_HEARTBEAT added.
  • New NPCD Option: sleep_time
  • Fixed race condition: config file timeout now won't be ignored
  • Backslashes used in service descriptions are now replaced by underscores.

Version 0.4.7: 02/27/2008

  • Fixed compiler errors on Solaris
  • Switched to autoconf 2.61
  • Fixed is_file() on older SuSE releases

Version 0.4.6: 02/10/2008

  • XML Tag <RRD> reflects the last rrdtool returncode and text.
  • parse_xml() cleanup.
  • Improved check_multi support.
  • Calendar added to all views.
  • New Icons based on KDE Theme nuvoX.
  • Fixed libpng write errors.
  • Added support for threshold range format as described on
  • New Template check_snmp_int-bits.php. Output is displayed in Bits/s
  • NPCD now takes care about the exit status of the executed command

Version 0.4.5: 02/10/2008

  • Version 0.4.5 removed because of buggy cleanup functions. Please update to 0.4.6

Version 0.4.4: 11/27/2007

  • Applied patches from Sven Velt to scripts/ and sample-config/
  • NPCD Fix: No more PID File creation without Daemon Mode
  • NPCD Feature: Load thresholding through config file (experimental)
  • Applied NPCD 'Only real files, no directory' Patch
  • NPCD Fix: No try to write PID File after a HUP Signal
  • NPCD Feature: File Log is now ready for testing
  • NPCD Feature: Rotation of logfile
  • New configure option: –with-perfdata-spool-dir=<path_to_perfdata_spool_dir>
  • Stay in the current timerange when switching between pages 1829918
  • New Configure Option –with-init-dir

Version 0.4.3: 10/05/2007

  • Displaying links to service 'NULL' fixed.
  • Fixed Bug with 64 bit counter values
  • check_multi Layout changed. The first part of the label will now be used as service description.

Version 0.4.2: 09/27/2007

  • Changed Makefile. config.php is now installed by calling 'make install'. Use config_local.php to make you own changes.
  • PDF Background moved to etc/pnp/background.pdf
  • New Config Option $conf['background.pdf'] in config.php

Version 0.4.1: 09/13/2007

  • !! This is a Bugfix Release for Version 0.4 !!
    • Fixed Bug in Function _parse
  • update. Added missing Version Macro

Version 0.4: 09/10/2007

  • rewrite.
    • Parser used from Nagios::Plugin::Performance.
    • Added support for Host Perfdata processing in bulk and default mode.
    • Code cleanup.
    • The use of RRDs Perl module is now default.
  • Support for check_multi Plugin added.
  • New PDF Function for all views.
  • Complete internal rewrite.
  • NewPage Function for custom overview pages ( index.php?page )
  • New Config Directory etc/pnp/pages with sample config.
  • Nagios 3.x Host Perfdata is now supported..
  • New check-host-alive.php Template ( Nagios 3.x ready )
  • PDF Background Function.
  • Signal Handling in NPCD (SIGTERM,SIGHUP,SIGINT)
  • NEW: NPCD Init Script - Thanks to Mark
  • Changed: Sample-Config will not be installed by default.
    • use make install-config for this
    • make fullinstall will install all files (init scripts, sample

configs, etc.)

Version 0.3.3: 05/25/2007

  • Perfdata Parser Update. Allow Negative Values
  • NPCD now deals with a config file
  • Bug Fixed for Makefile in share while clean/distclean

Version 0.3.2: 04/07/2007

  • Added README.npcd for small docs about Nagios Performancedata C Daemon
  • Changed src/ to install npcd to nagios/bin directory
  • do some further work on being platform independent (not yet complete)
  • Added mailinglist Pnp4nagios-users and -devel to makefile do give a hint were we are
  • Changed configure and make script to mention new project
  • Added DEBUG Mode in NPCD Sources
  • Added new binary: NPCD - Nagios Perfdata C Daemon
  • Missing gif added to SVN
  • New: Bulk Mode added to ( Option –bulk|-b )
  • New: Config Files for added.
  • etc/pnp/process_perfdata.cfg-sample
  • etc/pnp/rra.cfg-sample
  • Fix for validate performance data for right label=value. Value has to be within character class [-0-9+]
  • Fix within validate performance data: RRDTools wants to have a . instead of a ,
  • Created a little, just testing, NEB Module. BEWARE Just testing.

Version 0.3: 01/20/2007

  • Added Cacti Zoom Function. Thanks to Eric Steffen and the Cacti Developers!
  • Added Calendar Function based on jscalendar ( ).
  • New URL Options “start” and “end” to adjust the Graph Timerange.
  • Installation is now based on autoconf. Install with './configure && make all && make install'

Version 0.2.5: 11/02/2006

  • is Nagios 3.x ready. #NO_EPN on Line 2 disable ePN.
  • Multigraph Support added ( Sven Velt)
  • The PDF Functions also supports Multigraph Templates.
  • Added Support for distributed Setups. ( Rudolf Labuschagne )

Version 0.2.4: 06/30/2006

  • Bug inside the PDF Funktion fixed.
  • New Templates for check_nwstat
  • Some fixes in
  • Default Language is now English.
  • Template Names can be adjusted in Very usefull if you use check_nrpe or check_by_ssh.

Version 0.2.3: 06/23/2006

  • Include BUG fixed.
  • Template check_http.php fixed ( WARNING and CRITAL HRULES ).
  • Fixed Site layout.

Version 0.2.2: 06/07/2006

  • BUGFIX PDF Export now works with template default.php
  • New Config Option 'allowed_for_host_overview'.
  • Debugging is optimized. RRD errors dont produce broken images anymore.
  • New Template variable $multiview_name[x].

Version 0.2.1: 05/25/2006

  • If no special Template is found for a particular service we use “pnp/templates.dist/default.php”.
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